Vibrational Recalibration – Distance Tuning Fork Healing


Enjoy a 45 minute vibrational recalibration healing session from the comfort of your own home. Solah will walk you through the process via Skype as you lay comfortably and she applies the tuning forks to your biofield. Release and recalibrate both conscious and unconscious traumas in your field so that you may heal and move forward with more ease and joy. 


Everything in this universe is in a state of vibration. That includes you, me, what we sit upon and the plasma that makes up the space between us. 

The scientific name for the energy field that surrounds our bodies (commonly known as the aura) is called the biofield. 

The experiences we have in life generate emotions and these emotions are then recorded in our biofield. Some of our life experiences have created discordant patterns in our field. These include moments where we experienced physical, mental or emotional stresses such as sadness, fear, trauma or pain. 

What’s been consciously and unconsciously programmed into our biofield goes on to affect our lives as we move forward. These recordings affect our feelings, thought processes, decisions, physical health and generally what we attract and manifest in our lives.

By utilizing high grade tuning forks, made to withstand these discordant energies and specially calibrated to various harmonics of earth’s natural healing frequency (7.83 HZ Schumann Resonance) and the healing Solfeggio frequencies, we are able to locate and recalibrate these discordant vibrations in our field and to bring them back into a harmonic and peaceful state. 

By recalibrating our field, we can better align ourselves for success in our lives. This may manifest as joy, peace, clarity, inspiration, more energy, greater insight, better relationships with ourselves and others and a healthier and stronger body. 

The effects of the session can take place both while on the table and in the days following the session. The work is cumulative. 3 sessions are recommended however individual sessions can also be highly beneficial. 

Vibrational Recalibration – Distance Tuning Fork Healing


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