Aromatic Secrets: Understanding safe and sustainable use of essential oils (Presentation)


Essential Oils seem to be everywhere. What do you know about them?⁠

Would you like to learn more, from a Professional Registered Aromatherapist?⁠

Aromatic Secrets is a live online presentation for you and your group to learn about Aromatherapy and how essential oils can help you!⁠

Packed with useful information and with time at the end for your questions.⁠

Special introductory price of $75 for your group!⁠


We find them everywhere…

Tiny glass bottles filled with Essential Oils.

They line up along the store shelves: their exotic-sounding names and enticing scents draw us in. They seem to have some kind of magic.

You may be wondering— Can these really help me to feel better? Are they magic?

The short answer? YES, and…

In Aromatic Secrets, we explore aromatherapy and essential oils through the lens of knowledge & safety.

What is Aromatherapy? What are essential oils? What secrets lie beneath their pleasing scent?

Knowing a few key facts can help us be informed in choosing and working with essential oils in ways that support our wellbeing and that of Mother Earth.

In this 60+ minute online presentation, you and your group will gain valuable knowledge and appreciation of the powers of essential oils, where they come from, and how to safely use them.

With an emphasis on safe use and sustainable practices, Aromatic Secrets gives you a strong foundation in understanding how essential oils can help you.

With time for questions at the end, you will have the opportunity to gain even more insight into how essential oils can benefit you in your life.

This is for you if:

  • You are new to essential oils and want to know what all the buzz is about;
  • You’re curious about what Aromatherapy is;
  • You have essential oils but aren’t sure what to do with them;
  • You’ve heard some stories about essential oils and want to know facts;
  • You want to learn something new with a group of friends or colleagues;
  • You are a complementary health practitioner and want to learn about essential oils;
  • You want to learn about a natural way to support your health and wellbeing;
  • Safety is important to you;
  • You want to learn from a trained and qualified professional Aromatherapist.

In the Aromatic Secrets virtual presentation you will uncover the foundations of Aromatherapy, including basic information on:

  • What essential oils are and where they come from;
  • Information on aromatic plants and the importance of sustainable practices;
  • How essential oils work;
  • What to look for when buying essential oils;
  • How to store essential oils;
  • Basics of safe essential oil use;
  • Diffuser use;
  • Basic precautions for pets;
  • Q & A

This is a live online presentation delivered via Zoom, so you can arrange it to suit the needs of you and your group.

Aromatic Secrets: Understanding safe and sustainable use of essential oils (Presentation)


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