What Label do you Wear?

How often do you heard the term, you are what you eat.  On the surface, it appears to be a reference to food.  The food we consume.  But, and this is a big BUT, I believe if you look at the phrase more broadly, holistically, it also refers to how you feed yourself energetically.

Words have an energetic vibration so it matters how you define yourself.

Energetically, a label defines your vibration.  When the label is negative or does not fully align with your true inner self, a state of imbalance can occur. 

You are your authentic self and then the labels take hold

You love yourself.  Then life happens. 

Labels are given, received, start a transformation process and eventually crystallize.  These titles, these labels, may or may not resonate with you.  But, boy oh boy, they sure do stick.

Labels can be determined by others.  What others want you to be.  Or, they can be determined by what you think of yourself.

Labels can be associated with the work you do or did: 

  • educational title – a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, an engineer, a physicist
  • work status – entrepreneur, employed, unemployed, retired, volunteer or a homemaker

Labels can also be based on the role you hold in the family unit:

  • daughter
  • sister
  • mother
  • wife
  • aunt
  • granddaughter
  • grandmother

I often see women who have lost site of their original identity, their true selves.  Labels matter. 

The label you use or that is placed upon you is transformative.  Not all tranformations are for your highest and greatest good.

As a woman, unless you are truly grounded and heart centred, your sense of identity is determined by the company you keep.

A label can wear on you

You can eventually lose the self and become your label.

Just to be clear, this isn’t necessarily bad.  A label may align with your highest and greatest good and lift your spirits.  However, if a label dampens your spirit, it will weigh on you.  It can create internal stress which can eventually play out as tension, anxiety and possibly a new or worsening health condition.

So yes, labels matter.

The Antedote

The best antidote to a label, title, you are not comfortable with, is to consistently celebrate the real you.  Know yourself, love yourself and be kind to yourself.

When you go to bed and when you wake up, remind yourself how much you care for and love the person, the individual, you are.Not in terms of how much you do for others but, in terms of what you do for yourself.

In other words, you could say “I love myself and I am grateful that I give myself 30 minutes a day.  A time that is just for myself, when I nourish and look after myself.”

Self-talk that would confirm the label which may not be in your best interest could include “Caring for and about my family is the most important thing in my life.  Even more important than life itself.  Putting the welfare of the family before my own is what a mother does.  I am a good and faithful wife, mother, daughter and granddaughter.  I am okay never speaking my truth for the good of the family.”

This equates to … I am not important.  

Over time how do you think this plays on your psyche?

If you do not believe that you are important or worth your own love; how do think others will treat you?  Most likely they treat you just as you treat yourself with indifference and neglect.

Always love yourself and shine brightly for others.  

Strive to be a beacon of hope, a lighthouse, for others, not a doormat.

The Qualifier

Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. is a complementary care provider.  

All the services provided by complementary care providers are, complementary too and do not replace the prescribed treatment/therapy of a licensed Medical Professional.  Complementary care providers do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

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What label do you wear? (Is it a good fit?)
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