4 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress and Manage Your Time

4 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress and Manage Your Time

We only have 24 hours in a day. We all know that, yet we still tend to overschedule ourselves, stress about getting things done, and feel the physical effects of this stress take a toll on our bodies. The holidays are supposed to be fun, but the festive season tends to further increase these stresses and our to-do lists grow longer and longer. From party planning to baking to present buying to visiting - it’s like the holidays could be a full-time job on top of our actual jobs! As such, it’s a good idea to refresh ourselves on ways to save time over the holidays and reduce stress for your physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Holiday Time-Saving Tips

Make lists, then organize the items.

Whether you use a bullet journal, your Notes app on your phone, or old-school notepad and a pen, make a list for each subset of things you need to do. Party planning can be broken down into lists for cleaning, purchasing, and administrative tasks like sending invitations. Things to buy can be broken down into presents, groceries, party supplies, etc. Once you have these items clearly laid out, you can determine where you need to go to get them. Some items from each list might be acquirable at the same store (like a Superstore or a Costco, for example), so you can knock off some items in one round trip, instead of darting back and forth across the city like a ping-pong ball. Having lists clearly detailing your tasks removes the stress and the scramble, plus it allows you to consider the next item on the list.

Delegate or get help.

You don’t have to do it all. Use those lists you created to delegate or request help from others. Family members can be assigned chores. If you have teenagers with a driver’s license, they can pick up groceries. Arrange a cookie swap with friends to cut down on baking time and still have a variety of cookies - you only have to bake one larger batch of the same cookies instead of cleaning everything, sourcing ingredients, and making new batches. Getting the ingredients in the first place can also be achieved through tip number three.

Use the internet to your advantage.

Don’t waste time playing games online (unless it’s a scheduled moment of me-time because that’s how you like to unwind!). Use the internet’s powers for good! Order your presents to save time (and often money with online-only deals). Use grocery shopping applications and either click-and-pick-up or pay a few dollars for delivery - sometimes a $6 delivery charge is well worth the time saved and your sanity! Send invitations quickly through an e-vite program. There are so many tasks that can be quickly and easily done online - just be mindful to not fall down an Instagram rabbit hole while youŕe on your phone! 

Let some things go. 

Do you really have to do it all? If you don’t feel like you can mentally be present and truly enjoy yet another party in the same social circle or another evening at a choir performance of carols, don’t attend. Of course, prioritizing to ensure you attend family functions will save you from any hurt feelings, but if you and your friends are attending parties in the same crowd, just at different peoples’ houses, take a pass one night to stay home and hygge.  


Don’t forget to add to your lists some to-do items that might not traditionally make it on there - self-care and family moments. Schedule in breaks. Make a note to remember to sit and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas with your family or plan quiet time with your significant other. Make time to have fun and don’t skimp on sleep! Most importantly, don’t forget why you’re doing it all - to enjoy the holiday season with your family and friends, and that being together with these people is more important than how perfect your house looks. To keep reading helpful wellness tips such as these, and to connect to wellness practitioners in your area, be sure to join Helthe Connect and sign up to our mailing list.

4 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress and Manage Your Time

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