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Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Just as doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical field or healthcare practitioners have regulatory associations, so do natural health practitioners. Because several of our members belong to this valuable organization, we thought it was time to tell you more about the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) association.

What is the NHPC?

The NHPC is a collective of natural health practitioners across Canada who promote wellness, alternative health and champion professional excellence in their field. Several modalities, from emotional release to yoga, are included in this association that supports choice, integrity, inclusivity, and competency. Practitioners who wish to become members must adhere to a Code of Ethics and the Association’s Bylaws, and commit their dedication to lifelong learning. A criminal record check and the verification and approval of training credentials are also required steps.

In order to maintain membership, practitioners are required to comply with the NHPC’s Continued Competency Program, demonstrating ongoing professional development to best serve their clients’ needs. As you can see, NHPC members are dedicated to maintaining their skills and knowledge and are credible, trustworthy practitioners.

Why natural health?

Dissatisfaction with Western medicine, alternative or cultural belief systems, and the desire to gain better control over one’s own health are just some of the reasons people choose to visit a natural health practitioner. In a previous article, we briefly discussed the difference between Western medicine and complementary or alternative medicine (CAM). Natural health practitioners fall into the category of CAM. People visiting natural health practitioners sometimes choose to replace Western medicine with CAM, and sometimes CAM is an adjunct, or additional, method of wellness. Just as every person is a unique individual, so too are their treatment paths and goals. The NHPC supports and promotes choice for this very reason.

Furthermore, the NHPC believes in, and promotes, treatment of the whole body to create a balance of mind, body, and spirit, something that Western medicine has historically struggled with, although these practitioners are increasingly embracing (w)holism. As research and science embrace and provide evidence for natural health practices, we see the benefits of natural health practices being incorporated by more and more healthcare providers of all modalities.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be focusing on the various modalities that the NHPC recognizes (as well as some that it does not. If your modality is not in this list, be sure to contact the NHPC to inquire about approval). Below is a list of the modalities currently recognized by the NHPC. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Helthe Connect. Also, be sure to sign up to be one of the early beta testers of our web app, connecting wellness providers and clients, and providing empowering health information.

Modalities Approved by the NHPC

● Active Release Technique

● Acupressure

● Alexander Technique

● Amma/Anma Massage

● Applied Kinesiology

● Aquatic Therapy

● Aromatherapy

● Aston Patterning

● BodyTalk

● Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy

● Bowen

● Brain Gym

● Chair Massage

● Craniosacral Therapy

● Edu-K

● Energy Work

● Esalen Massage

● Feldenkrais

● Healing Touch

● Hellerwork

● Hurley-Osborn Technique

● Infant Massage

● Iridology

● Jin Shin Do

● Jin Shin Jyutsu


● Lomilomi

● Manual Lymph Drainage

● Manupractic

● Massage

● Massage Therapy

● Maternal Massage

● Mitzvah

● Myofascial Release

● Myomassology

● Neuromuscular Integration

● Onsen

● Orthobionomy

● Orthotherapy

● Pilates

● Polarity Therapy

● Postural Integration

● Qigong

● Rebalancing

● Reflexology

● Reiki

● Rolfing

● Rosen Method

● Shiatsu

● Spa/Body Wraps

● Specialized Kinesiology

● Sports Massage


● Stone Therapy

● Structural Integration

● Tai Chi Instructor

● Thai Massage

● Therapeutic Touch

● Touch for Health

● Trager

● Trigger Point Therapy

● Tuina

● Visceral Manipulation

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

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