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Review: Biofeedback could help treat a number of conditions

A literature review from a team of researchers at VA Portland Health Care System and Oregon Health & Science University found evidence that biofeedback, a low-risk, noninvasive and cost-effective intervention can be helpful to treat several health conditions, including reducing headache pain, improving urinary and fecal incontinence and aiding in stroke recovery.

“Biofeedback refers to using instruments to measure and provide real-time feedback on patients’ physiological responses. It can help patients learn to control and change those responses. Since biofeedback does not involve medication and is relatively noninvasive compared to other treatments, it could benefit patients with a low risk of any adverse effects, say the researchers.”

“Biofeedback increasingly is being used as a complementary or alternative treatment for a wide range of conditions.”

The study was funded by Veterans Affairs Office of Research and Development Quality Enhancement Research Initiative.

Biofeedback could help treat a number of conditions

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