What is Helthe Connect?

Helthe was inspired by an old spelling of "health" and its original meaning: whole, prosperity, wellbeing, and safety.

Helthe Connect is an online platform to link and empower people and organizations directly with wellness services and products. It's an empowerment tool for clients, an employee engagement tool for HR, and a cost-effective marketing tool for wellness providers.

Helthe Connect supports self-empowerment, choice, and creating awareness. Helthe Connect supports people's need to be active participants in their health and wellbeing journey.

We're here to support you to connect, empower and be well.

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Our Core Values

Nurture and maintain our wellbeing

 Support choice, access, and engagement in holistic health and wellness 

Continuously learn and grow; personal development is professional development

Treat yourself and everyone with kindness, care, and compassion

Be honest, congruent, and ethical

Explore possibilities, play, and be flexible and adaptable

Connect, share, and collaborate

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What is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)?

Complementary practices are often relaxation-based, to support self/natural healing abilities, are used in conjunction with conventional health, and are generally paid out of pocket, although most insurance plans do cover counselling. Some examples of complementary wellness practices include aromatherapy, coaching, counselling, energy work, and nutrition.

Alternative medicine refers to treatment-based practices that are sometimes used in place of conventional health treatments. Several of these practices are covered under extended health benefits and may include treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and naturopathic care.

Wellness may include both CAM and conventional health, and the combination approach is also known as integrative health/medicine.

Please consult with your primary care physician before undertaking any CAM options.


Helthe Connect is user friendly.

Looking for an App that can do it all? Helthe Connect is the App you need. Our easy-to-use platform can do just about anything and allows you to live your life to the fullest. Helthe Connect is the tool for you and can be used from anywhere at anytime to connect with your wellness provider or client, tobook appointments, or to just read the latest in wellness education! See what it has to offer you today!

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Our Team

Tu Van Trieu

Tu Van Trieu

Tu Van Trieu is the Founder and CEO of Helthe Connect. Tu Van is a Registered Professional Counsellor with a Masters of Science in Conflict Resolution and 200 hours of yoga teacher training. She has comprehensive experience in counselling, facilitation, and program management. 

Tu Van suffered from severe burnout fifteen years ago doing what she loved. Four years ago, she developed thyroid issues and learned that chronic stress can lead to chronic illness. Her healing journey has led her to believe and understand that chronic illness is preventable. Over the years she has experienced the benefits of many diverse complementary and alternative health modalities including and not limited to: tai chi, therapeutic touch, guided meditation, reiki, TCM, counselling, and reflexology. Today, her thyroid function is back within the normal range and she can enjoy hiking again.

The idea of Helthe Connect came as an inspiration from Tu Van’s understanding of the challenges of being both a wellness provider and an alternative/complementary medicine customer. She is a passionate advocate for self-empowerment and personal growth.

bOB HOmer

bOB HOmer

bOB HOmer is the Senior Developer for Helthe Connect and leads our web app development. bOB’s artistic vision extends across all media and reflects his art school training. As the Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Director of Lethologica, his passion, superior knowledge, and ongoing education in all things web- and SEO-related affords him the expertise to be lead on all web projects. bOB has been bringing his unique vision to the web for over 20 years in coding, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. 

After his graduation from art school with a degree in scientific illustration and photography, he went on to own his own gallery, aptly called bOBart, before moving to BC and launching Laundry Room Press, which eventually morphed into Lethologica. The building of the Helthe Connect web app is a perfect culmination of bOB’s design, web, and artistic skills.

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