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What if I have a technical or website question?

Please contact us at [email protected].

Why is “Helthe” spelled that way? Is it a typo?

No! It’s not a typo!

Helthe – pronounced the same as ‘health’ was specifically chosen because it was an old, Middle English spelling of health with the original meaning reflecting whole or holistic health, wellbeing, prosperity and safety. To your helthe!


What is Helthe Connect?

Helthe Connect is an online marketplace for all your wellness needs – services and products. You can read selfcare articles written by providers to learn more about what they do, modalities/therapies they use, and connect directly with the providers.

Helthe Connect was founded to empower people, organizations, and wellness providers by connecting them through CAM (wellness) services and products. It’s a self-empowerment tool for clients, a wellness resource to help prevent employee burnout for organizations, and a cost-effective marketing tool for providers.

We support people’s need for choice and to be active participants in their health and wellbeing.

We’re here to support you to be connected, be empowered and be well.

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